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Minimalist Modern Natural Rattan and Solid Wood Bedside Table

Minimalist Modern Natural Rattan and Solid Wood Bedside Table

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Introducing this Minimalist Modern Natural Rattan and Solid Wood Bedside & Coffee Table- a fusion of elegance, functionality, and eco-friendly design and a testament of sustainable luxury. Crafted to elevate your bedroom's ambiance, this exquisite piece seamlessly blends the timeless allure of rattan with the enduring strength of solid wood.

Designed with a discerning eye for clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics, the table embodies the essence of modern minimalism. Its sleek, unassuming design effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles, making it a versatile addition to any living space.

Embracing the charm of natural materials, the intricate rattan weave on the cabinet door exudes an inviting warmth, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Each delicate strand has been meticulously handwoven, adding an artisanal flair that's bound to captivate.

Functionality takes center stage with a spacious storage cabinet, discreetly integrated beneath the tabletop. This concealed haven provides ample room to stow away nighttime essentials, keeping your bedside organized and clutter-free. The solid wood construction ensures durability, promising years of dependable use.

Whether nestled beside your bed or gracing a cozy reading nook, its a testament to the harmonious marriage of aesthetics and practicality.


  • Material:
    • Panel: Wooden MDF Board
    • Legs: Solid Wood
    • Cabinet Door: Natural Rattan frame
  • Number of doors: Single door
  • Material: Wooden & Rattan
  • Assembly required: Yes
  • Installation instructions and simple installation tools are included in the package 
  • Gross weight: 7kg
  • Furniture structure: Box frame structure
  • Features: Storage cabinet, Ecofriendly, Premium Design
  • Number of Drawers: 1

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